Fix the Problem and not the Blame
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Fix the Problem and not the Blame

I’ve shared in my previous article that a study conducted in America showed that employees spend nearly 3 hours a week on workplace conflict, which in Singapore’s context, amounts to a whooping SGD 190 billion and 475,000 days of productivity lost per week! And I have shared the step-by-step Conflict Management Framework from my personal and professional experience.

Workplace conflict’s effects are not limited to time wasted. 25% of employees reported that they avoided conflicts by skipping work or by calling in sick. Equally alarming, nearly 10% reported that conflicts led to project failure. These negative behaviors translate to financial losses, especially felt by small businesses. Furthermore, companies with a healthy culture report a turnover rate of 14%, as compared to a whooping 48% at companies with a poor culture, and conflict management is a key contributor.

Knowing how to manage conflict is killing 3 birds with 1 stone. It increases your productivity and performance, reduce financial losses through unsuccessful projects, and increase retention rates of staff (especially great, if you run your own business).

“Fix the Problem, not the Blame.”

In my previous article, I talked about Overcoming Fear, and being the first to confess your part of the wrong. Right now, I’m going to share with you about Fixing the Problem, and not the Blame – this boils down to both the mindset and choice of words i.e. the importance of Communication, once again.

It is important that whenever you are offended or agitated, to never use Words of Mass Destruction (WMD) that could induce even greater hurt to the other party. In a marriage, WMD includes “divorce” and “separation”. What are some WMDs in the work context? Blaming the other party is never going to set you up on the right path. Focus on the problem, instead of who to blame. It sets the conversation in a more neutral tone, communicating that you care more about the solution than finger pointing game.

Remember the importance of Framing. “Sticks and stones can break a bone, but words will never hurt” is a lie. The impact of WMD on your career or personal relationships is irretractable and you do not want to end in a position of regret.

“Never use Words of Mass Destruction (WMD)”

At the end of the day, remember that the benchmark to follow in the workplace is always PROFESSIONALISM. It is the skill, good judgment, and decision that is expected from a person who is well trained to do the job.

I hope that this article has helped you to gain some perspectives and practical steps on managing the conflicts that you face.

Find out more about my proven 7-step Conflict Management Framework that has helped so many to become Top Performers at their workplaces today.

It does not matter where you are right now, what matters is that you are better than who you were yesterday. The trees grow best where you water, and all it takes is your first step.

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