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The Cornerman

Who is your Cornerman?  

I’ve always been an avid boxing enthusiast, as a teenager when I first decided to take up this sport, I thought of boxing as an individual sport. However, as I began to train and compete, I soon realize that boxing is actually a team sport.

No matter how skilled the boxer is, there lies another team member in the ring who plays a crucial role in determining a triumphant fight for the boxer – he is the “Cornerman”

What does the Cornerman do? His duties include taking care of the boxer’s welfare, tending his injuries, providing water, instill confidence, motivate, lift him up when the bell rings, providing simple instructions, reiterate strategy and exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. The Cornerman plays multiple roles – he is the medic, psychologist, nutritionist, strategist, who brings the fighter into victory as he watches the battle. A good Cornerman is an extremely valuable asset to any boxer.

Drawing this parallel into the battles of our life, we either choose to retreat in fear or advance in faith and courage. Hence who you have placed in your corner as your Cornerman matters. The outcome of our daily battles are influenced by these different categories of the Cornerman:-

The 4 Corners of the Ring – the blend of Cornermen

(1) Best Cornerman – Life-changing

These are the people who make the biggest difference in your life, they tend to be your parents, siblings, your closest friends, mentor, boss, those who love and care for you deeply and would give their all for you. They are relentless about confronting you with hard truths, they know the importance of providing you with timely advice and blind spots you are unable to recognize with the objective of molding you into a better fighter. They are usually older, have longer experiences and are more perceptive of what is coming ahead of your life.

(2) Good Cornerman – the Life-giving

They are people whom you love to be with. While they are an important pillars in your life, they may not go all the way out for you. They are usually at the same stage or life of similar age, with good motives, supporters who would inject life to yours.

(3) Bad Cornerman – Life-draining

Unfortunately, they add no value in your life. They are likely to be wasting your time, who bring discouragement and disappointments. They are draining to be with and remit bad advices. As negative as this may sound, they are not dangerously detrimental as you will be able to identify one when you encounter one and avoid them.

(4) Worst Cornerman – Life-distracting or destructing

These are people who unknowingly destroy the purpose you have in your life. They are not the enemy but they simply make the worst Cornerman. They can be seemingly fun to hang out with but will distract you from your vision and goals, and destruct your plans.

Who is your Cornerman?

As you reflect on this article, about the 4 categories of a “Cornerman”, do you know who you have placed as your Cornerman? If you are in a boxing ring today, facing the fiercest opponent of your life, who would you like as your Cornerman? Allow only the right people into that crucial position. And perhaps you can also be someone’s Cornerman and aid them in winning the battles of their life.

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