The Growth Zone
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Moving towards the Growth Zone

We often want immediate gratification, by choosing what is easy for us to do, knowing that we would be praised for getting the job well done, and that is great thing. But we will eventually reach a certain point in time, a ceiling where we need to make a choice – do we remain in our comfort zone, or do we step out in order to level up.  

This move holds uncertainty, requires us to stretch into the unknown and hone a different skill set. While it may be unsettling, this is where real growth and promotion begins, when we operate at the edge of our comfort zone, out of the fear zone and into the learning zone. The “learning zone” is where we may not get it right the first time, we will not be recognized for our efforts, but the gratification will come when we have ultimately arrive at the growth zone. This happens in repeat cycles as we move up in stages for as long as we allow ourselves to. You alone decide your ceiling of growth.  

“You alone decide your ceiling of growth.”

The Growth Zone

Most people remain in their comfort zones their entire lives, wondering why they are not able to change their circumstances or as simple as be considered for a promotion.

The question is are you satisfied with where you are at? Do you desire for a next career advancement but do not know where to start or how to get there? Are you constantly asking yourself if you are in the “right job”? Or perhaps are you a business leader finding it challenging to breakthrough into a new level with your team – what is next?

Stepping away from your comfort zone will bring its share of anxiety and stress, and hence finding the right support who would journey with you towards achieving your goals is extremely critical.

My role as a business coach and mentor is to navigate with you through your roadmap to success. From providing practical tools (i.e. scientific psychometric programs) that will help you understand your personal design and make or your team’s dynamics, to sharing powerful concepts that will enable you or your team to continuously develop your/their strengths.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? 

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