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Break The Frame

The double-edged sword, really means it can cut both ways!

The concept of “framing” is indeed a double-edged sword, use it well and it will be powerful, unintentionally the other edge may hurt some. So often, people come to me and tell me how much they have been “framed” 冤枉! “I am not like that”, “I have been mistaken”! Does this sound familiar to you?

As much as we work hard to set our frames, so very often we fall prey to the frame that others set on us. Framing is also about how people see you. NEVER LIVE IN THAT FRAME.

We are constantly being “framed” by people around us, and the circumstances surrounding us.

What do I mean?

Whether you like it or not, the people around you constantly see you through a frame.

Experts say that human beings typically use the first 7 seconds upon meeting a person to make a judgement of that person. That is why, in the corporate world, so much emphasis is put into creating a positive first impressions, a positive frame. This is the way the human mind functions, it wants to be able to cut short the process of judgement, so in the first 7 seconds, it makes a judgement and a decision about a person. When the frame is set, we will judge the person through this frame.

“Humans use the first 7 seconds
to make a judgement on another. And all around you, people are looking at you through a frame that they have created of you.
But you need to know that you are
never determined by that frame.”

Friends, you need to know that you are never determined by the frame people create for you. Absolutely not, not even the frame your wife, your parents, your boss create for you.

Don’t let allow anyone to “frame” you!

We often watch movies and dramas and we find that certain characters are being framed. or “冤枉

If you think about it, it is a very interesting term. Why do we say that someone is framed?

  • Because of all the circumstances that is around him
  • Because of the words and accusations that is thrown against him
  • Because of people’s pre-judgement of him

He is being forced into a tiny frame, he is being put into a frame that people around him have created, and hence he is being judged through it.

That is being framed.

We live in a society that constantly wants us to fit into molds of who they think we are. And sometimes, we also want the people around us to be a certain way, behave in a certain way because we think that this is best, or we are like that, and we want them to be like that too.

When my girl was young, I sent her for ballet and piano classes. And sometimes as parents, we think that our child can be a ballerina, a pianist, and we wish that they would be a certain way. But sometimes, they just aren’t.

We wish that our partners, our wives, our children will behave like so and so, be like this person or another person. But they just aren’t – and it causes a lot of tension and fights.

So, the society wants us to fit into certain molds, and we want the people around us to behave in certain manner as well.

And the saddest thing I often witness is some people accept the frame set on them because of certain personalities, habits, background & upbringing they have and so often limit themselves to that.

And friends, tonight you may not be framed for a sensational crime but perhaps you have been framed by the words of your family or friends.

I want to tell you that you can break out of this frame! You no longer need to be contained and limited by these words. You can and must live outside and grow beyond the frame that people has put around.

Join me in a powerful journey of self-discovery, are you interested to find out about your make, what’s your design and what’s needed to bring out the very best in you! Everyone is uniquely made for a unique purpose that only fits you!

You don’t have to be contained and limited by the words of others. Create your own Frame.

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