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What’s the Frame Game?

One of a film director’s most important job is to tell a story that makes their audience feel something. Whether it’s happy, sad, moved, or scared. For example, a close-up shot will help both actors and directors convey deep emotions to the audience.

Famous directors like STEVEN SPIELBERG made his mark through the fun of JAWS in rediscovering the joys of storytelling as demonstrated by a gifted 27-year-old. He has dazzled us with craft (the INDIANA JONES films), lost himself in never-never land (HOOK), and earned respect and Oscars (SCHINDLER’S LIST). One of the secrets of directing, is “framing”. Directors spent a large part of their effort in determining what they look to communicate in a scene via “framing”.

Tremendous effort is spent on adjusting the angle and the focus of the lens so they can zoom in for a close-up shot to tightly frame the actor’s face, making their facial expression the main focus in the frame, this allows actors to establish a strong emotional connection with their audience.

In the art of communication, there are many important techniques and concepts, one of the most powerful concept i used and teach in my corporate training is the concept of “framing”.

The framing effect has consistently proven to be one of the strongest biases in decision making. The ways in which framing can be used are nearly unlimited; from emotional appeal to social pressure to priming.

Framing effect is best illustrated as follow:-

Which one of these products would you pick: A ‘95% effective’ condom or a ‘5% failure’ condom? ‘80% lean’ ground beef or ‘20%’ fat ground beef?

Most people would be more likely to choose the first option in both cases, even though the two choices are identical. Why?

Framing comprises a set of concepts and theoretical perspectives on how individuals, groups, and societies, organize, perceive, and communicate about reality.

In the corporate world, framing is the art of drawing people’s attention, your clients, your partners, your bosses and your colleagues on a particular subject, or emote all toward a certain direction or motion. Or should I say, the art of persuasion that increases favorable decisions for you?

But beyond the corporate world, framing happens in our daily life.

The concept of framing is everywhere, from the moment we wake up till we tuned off at night. We are exposed to framing.

We are constantly bombarded by advertisers, the scenes that come on TV or social media is targeted at framing our perspective to emote a certain decision.

Your ability to approach, phrase a tricky conversation well will determine whether or not it lands well! Without the art of framing, one may have multiple conversations without a breakthrough, very often reaching a deadlock. Regardless where you are in your life right now, framing is a powerful skill to acquire.

In my course on “The Frame Game” we use powerful illustrations to bring to live the concept of framing and participants take away five powerful tips on framing!

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