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Hitting the Sweet Spot – Living by your Design

“Everybody wants to fulfill the highest truest expression of oneself as a human being.”

Every human being has an inmate supreme moment of destiny, you can only do that if you know yourself, you have to take the time to know yourself, your calling goes beyond the definition of what your job is, whom you marry and the things that you do. 

Oprah Winfrey

So often we hear the laments and heartaches of people whom so-called resigned to the fate of being stuck in the wrong job or wrong relationship.  People often ask me “is there such a thing as the right job”?

One of the best feeling in golf is when a golfer hits the sweet spot, hitting a golf ball on the sweet spot increases optimum distance and accuracy with the least effort (in fact the feeling is effortless for an optimal result). 

In the same way, in life and in your career, you feel like you are flowing with the current if you hit the sweet spot of career or relationships.  Sweet spot is defined as multiple often circles of interest, personality, skill-sets and value intercepting and right in the middle of that interception lies the sweet spot! 

Imagine hearing a cat bark, a dog meow, a kingfisher picking up wood logs, and an elephant fishing in the water – it’s strange and unimaginable, because these creatures were just not designed this way! Now, imagine asking an architect to diagnose a health issue, and a doctor to design the floor plan of a building – awkward?  

Research has shown that people who operate in their sweet spot tend to lead a life of purpose, which results in greater joy, health, successful, engagement, and fulfillment. The converse is true of someone who pursues a life and career that is not in line with his or her unique make, due to a lack of self-discovery and understanding, or being solely driven by financial rewards, climbing the success ladder, or simple having  “no other choice” .  

So how do you find your sweet spot? 

The journey to self-discovery is the most important thing everyone should dedicate time and resources to, this is part of self-care, self-love.  The best gift, you can gift to the people around you and the world around you – is the healthiest “YOU”.  Michelle Obama said in her book becoming, i spend the time to dig inside my soul and figure out what I truly cared about, it’s so important and I encourage people to do that.” 

Knowing what you don’t want to do, is the best place if you don’t know what you want to do.  Even better if you know exactly what to do to hit the sweet spot.  Enjoy your journey of self-discovery, click here for “CareerDirect” a psychometric tool that helps you discover that Sweet Spot and through a consultation session or continuous coaching program offered here, find the platform for you to do the best work and be the best You!   Are you standing at a cross-road of critical decision for your work, education choices or relationships –“Career Direct” will illuminate your path and make the choices an informed choice.  A lot of people live with the “limitation” mindset, in awareness of what we cannot do!   One of the powerful discoveries in my work with people is that that perspective is not even accurate, many never really know or spend time on their self-discovery to really know and so often trapped by either a “limitation” mindset of what you cannot do or not knowing “what you can do very well that suit your personality aligned with your interest and upholds your value – we call “sweet spot”. 

“You have to know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own ways can illuminate the world.” Oprah Winfrey

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