The Upward Spiral Effects of Expectation
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The Upward Spiral Effects of Expectation

We want to have positive expectations – I know that many of you have heard this before, but I know that some still have a ‘pray for the best, expect the worst’ mindset. Some of us have a lot of hope for the best but you tell yourself you don’t want to expect much.

But this is the devil trying to affect us – telling us that, if we don’t expect too much, we would not be too disappointed when things don’t turn out the way we want them to be. If we don’t hit our expectations, we won’t be disappointed with ourselves. If we exceed our ‘realistic’ expectations, we will be happy.

The truth is, when we don’t expect much, we are not looking at a good outcome.

We tend to see what we expect to see

We tend to feel what we expect to feel

We tend to act upon how we expect it to be

We tend to achieve what we expect to achieve

Your expectations will influence your relationships, your health, your careers, your families, your perspectives and finally your lives.

Some people have the will to get out of their bad habits, but because they don’t believe that they have the ability to do it, they are trapped in the mindset and will act accordingly.  They stay stuck in a vicious cycle.  Having mediocre expectations/mindset will result in mediocre results. When you expect less, you will get what you expect.

“We need to expect the best for the best to work into our lives

Today I want to share with you how to kickoff the upward spiral effects of Great Expectation.

When you have great expectation of things to come – set in motion the law of expectation and elevate the platform, when you elevate you empower yourself to do things you never imagined yourself doing, when people around see you enabled or empowered to perform a task, they get encouraged or inspired and you feel further empowered.  The positive shift and transformation will deliver a great experience for yourself and others then your expectations will increase then kicking in the upward spiral effects of a virtuous cycle at work for you.

((Put in the picture of the spiral effects cycle – elevate – empower – encourage – experience – greater expectations))

David expectation that he can kill Goliath was built on an earlier experience of killing the lion and the bear, with that expectation he feels elevated on the platform empowered to kill a greater giant; when his sling and five stones killed Goliath, he encouraged everyone around and hence the experience increases his expectation – next he went on to conquer nations.  From a bear and a lion to a giant feared by all then unto conquering nations – David kick-off the upward spiral of great expectations and set in motion a virtuous cycle. 

What are you expecting for your lives today?

The Navy Seals have what they call the 40% rule: “when you think you are at your limit, you are only 40% there”. Before it was done, no one believed that running a mile in 4 minutes was possible, and for decades no one achieved this feat. Yet after it was accomplished by Roger Bannister in 1954, 1400 athletes have achieved this feat. Do not let yourself be limited by your own expectations!

Your expectations will set the boundaries of our empowerment

Often, we base our expectation based on our past experience, today know that your expectations will set the boundaries for your empowerment. Particularly in challenging times, our expectation will shape our reality and it will determine the actuality. When we don’t expect much, we are not anticipating a good outcome. Similarly, having a mediocre mindset leads to a mediocre life and our expectation will determine the result.

Expectations, coupled with faith and held firmly enough, positive and large enough to release your maximum capacity, can bring you gigantic outcomes. There are many sources of help and support especially in this tough season, to help you progress forward and carry on with your optimal way of life.  (see EDG grant article)

Put this vision in front of you “My future is blessed”, yes even in this difficult times, and set-off your own virtuous cycle of upward spiral effects of great expectations, move out of the vicious cycle of negative emotions! The GREATER the expectation, the GREATER outcome of reality. Renew your mind with GREAT EXPECTATION Today!

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