“CUTTING EDGE” is a marketplace series that focuses on imparting powerful and practical skills, equipping ones for performance breakthrough at work, at home and in life.  The series is ever-growing, curated and developed by a businessman whom passion in life is to be the greatest story teller of organizational transformation and performance breakthrough because they invested in sharpening the edge of each and every one in the organization.  Throughout the series, Rick shared practical applications and illustrations of powerful concepts that differentiate and distinct ones for breakthrough performances in the work place.  Life and death rests in the power of the tongues, a series that uses biblical concepts to bring life and abundance of life into every aspects of our work-life, series includes topics life “4I to a Better You”; “Personality Fit & Finding Your Sweet Spot”; “Conflict Management”; “Break The Frame”; “Activating The Cycle of Demand”; “Spiral Upwards on Great Expectation”…..etc…

Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge by Rick Quek

Throughout the series, mentoring and coaching experiences are honed as small groups embark on interactive discussions, sharing inspiring applications and encounters in overcoming these workplace challenges.  Every workshop session is an opportunity for iron to sharpen iron inspiring each other for greater marketplace excellence and performance breakthrough. The series attended by technologist, marketeers, bankers, entrepreneurs, starting-out in career, teachers etc…. streams with great testimonials of how the sessions inspired them with courage to embark on new businesses; excellent concepts that helped them successfully manage workplace conflicts and even conflicts with close ones; sharpen negotiation techniques for better performance, a promotion, a new role or a deal.  Some learnt better people management skills as they journey through the series for better workplace effectiveness.

Career Direct
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Career Direct is a comprehensive career assessment system that combines biblical principles with cutting-edge career guidance technology and statistics. With more than 20 years of development, Career Direct has undergone rigorous testing and validation.

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